News about the Housmans World Peace Database

Status of the current database

The current version of the database on this website is derived from the edition of the World Peace Database published in October 2018, using information available up to September 2018.

The source information used for this edition of the database is almost identical to that used for the printed Peace Directory in the 2019 Housmans Peace Diary, which was published in September 2018. However that printed directory only includes 1422 entries (ie around 43% of the number of listings included in this online version): the full live database, as here, currently has 3288 entries. Also, many of the entries in the online version contain more information about the organisation concerned than does the equivalent entry in the printed directory. (Nevertheless there are also a few instances of some information about an organisation appearing in the printed directory which doesn't appear in the equivalent online listing.)

In any correspondence about the information currently on the site, this should be cited as the October 2018 web edition of the database.

Recent information

This page of the website is used from time to time to note relevant news that has come to light which affects the database, but which is not yet reflected in the main database information as currently published here.