The Housmans World Peace Database

The Housmans World Peace Database is an authoritative listing of peace and related organisations around the world. It’s the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of its kind.

The regular updating of the database relies on the co-operation of many of the groups included in it. It’s intended as a useful tool to help campaigners communicate with one another; it’s also a suitable resource for many researchers and journalists.

You can find more details of the range and nature of the information available here: if you haven’t used this database before, you are recommended to read this information first, to help make your searching of the database more efficient.

You can find how best to supply information for the database here.

The Peace Directory printed annually in the Housmans Peace Diary is a shorter version of this database; the full database, besides being significantly longer, is updated much more frequently than once a year.

On this site, you can search the database to find details of group(s) you’re interested in. The search options are designed both for people who know about a particular organisation, and want to find its contact details, and also for people who are trying to find a certain type of organisation (perhaps in a specific country) but have no idea what it might be called, or even whether such a group exists.

Other availability

If you want open access to the whole list, for example because you need a structured way to contact many of the organisations included, you can obtain your own copy of some or all of this database. There’s generally a charge for this — contact the database editor (worldpeace [at] gn [dot] apc [dot] org) if you want to be sent more details.


Organisations listed in the database are not necessarily responsible for their inclusion, nor for the way they are described, nor for the terminology used to describe their country.