Searching the Housmans World Peace Database

There are three search options. The Simple Search (on this page) lets you look for an organisation if you know its name or abbreviation, or part of its name or abbreviation. To do this, use this form:

The Advanced Search lets you search using more criteria — name and abbreviation, and/or address, and/or country, and/or whether it’s international, and/or whether it’s a publication.

The Search by Type of Organisation lets you look for organisations with particular affiliations or interests.

Note that when you type an organisation’s name, abbreviation or address, in any sort of search, if you’re not sure you can type all the accents on letters correctly, you can simply omit all the accents — the search will work just the same with no accents included (so, for example, ‘a’ will match ‘a’, ‘á’, ‘â’, ‘ã’, ‘å’, etc.). Searches are also not case-sensitive.