About the Housmans Peace Resource Project

The Housmans Peace Resource Project was established in the early 1990s by Peace News Trustees — parent company of Peace News and Housmans Bookshop — primarily to develop the World Peace Directory which has appeared annually in the Housmans Peace Diary since its first edition in 1954.

The directory became a free-standing entity, and was computerised to become the World Peace Database. This led to the information being updated more frequently than the once-a-year required by the Peace Diary, along with its expansion to encompass a larger number of groups and organisations than there was room to include in the directory in the Peace Diary. The longer database has been available in various forms beyond the annual printed format — including, now, on this website.

The Project is managed by, and the database is edited by, Albert Beale.

Website design and database coding by Chris Booth of Araucaria Computing.

The Project is grateful to the Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation and the Lansbury House Trust Fund for supporting the establishment of this website.

More than the World Peace Database

The database editor, and others associated with the Project, have a range of experience and expertise with regard to peace-related organisations in Britain and internationally. If you have questions in this field which are unlikely to be answered simply by reference to the information in the database on this site, then you’re welcome to contact the editor with your queries.

There are plans to include further information on this site as soon as possible, to complement the existing database of peace groups — in particular there will be a listing of significant peace-related dates (both “officially-recognised” ones and others).